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Use of Fund

Funds will be allocated to each of the estates, in accordance with their size, for the Estate Management Advisory Committee (EMAC) to implement its works. The estate Housing Manager / Property Service Manager will be the controlling officer of such funds.

EMAC funds may be used for the following purposes: 

  1. Local Minor Improvement and Maintenance Works
    For example: repairing building facilities and utilities, improving building signages, installing handrails at meeting places of elderly tenants, providing seats in open areas, improving illumination at dark corners within housing blocks, improving pedestrian passages.
  2. Betterment of Building Management
    For example: campaigns related to estate security and cleanliness.
  3. Environmental Improvement
    For example: tree-planting, landscaping, cleaning-up operations.
  4. Estate Activities
    For example: to publicise the work of the Housing Authority (HA), and to encourage tenants' support and participation through community activities.
  5. EMAC Newsletters
    For example: to publicise the policies of the HA, and to notify tenants of the issues discussed at EMAC meetings and estate activities, etc.

The works and activity items recommended by EMAC should be acceptable to the community in and around the estate and will not generate significant recurrent costs. They should also comply with existing legal and planning requirements and will not duplicate with those works already included in Housing Department's programmes.

In drawing up a programme of works, EMAC should assess what can reasonably be achieved within a year and with the resources available, and prioritise the works items. Works items proposed should be implemented within the same fiscal year as far as practicable. Very small items should be handled through minor maintenance works.

As regards estate management activities, EMAC can organise activities on their own or with other government departments. Besides, EMAC is allowed to organise partnering activities with Non-Government Organisations to promote neighbourliness in public housing estates.

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