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Minor Maintenance and Specialist Works

Minor Maintenance and Specialist Works

A Reference List of Contractors (the List) is maintained by the Estate Management Division (EMD) of the Housing Department (HD) for undertaking minor maintenance and specialist works in public rental housing estates. These works are normally procured by inviting quotations from contractors who have proven records of undertaking our works in a satisfactory manner. The purpose of setting up and maintaining the List is to ensure quality and to improve operation efficiency through minimizing the efforts required from project teams and contractors in material submissions, laboratory testing, document vetting and conducting trials.

The List contains a range of job categories frequently being used by the EMD, as shown in the Guide to Application for Housing Department Estate Management Division Reference Lists of Contractors for Quotation Works (Guide). The job categories may be revised from time to time to suit our operational need. Contractors on the List may be invited to submit quotations under the relevant job categories. However the HD is not obliged to invite all the contractors in a particular job category to submit quotations should such a job arise. It is at the sole discretion of the HD to decide who will be invited.

Guide to Application for Housing Department Estate Management Division Reference Lists of Contractors for Quotation Works (PDF format)

Interested companies are welcome to apply for inclusion into the List, subject to the requirements in the Guide. Please refer to the Submission Checklist for the details and submit the required information to SMS / SD, Strategy Development Unit, EMD, 5/F, Block 1, Housing Authority Headquarters, 33 Fat Kwong Street, Homantin, Kowloon, Hong Kong by registered post or courier.

Submission Checklist (PDF format)

Applicants are fully responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the information submitted and failure in discharging this responsibility may result in disqualification of their applications. In certain job categories, applicants may be required to carry out trial projects or / and tests to verify their competence and the performance of their products. The requirements in the Guide serve only as a general reference. There may be other specific instructions and requirements for individual applicants.

The List serves as an internal reference information for EMD staff to procure minor works through quotations. Under no circumstances can any contractor use this information for advertising or marketing purposes.