Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department



The term of Estate Management Advisory Committee (EMAC) members is two years, commencing on 1 April each year. Members are appointed by the Permanent Secretary for Transport and Housing (Housing) in their official capacities. Vacant seats arising from cessation in office should be filled by their successors or nominees from their offices.

Composition of the EMAC membership is :


  • Estate Housing Manager (HM) or Property Service Manager (PSM)


  • Chairman or elected representative from each Mutual Aid Committee (MAC) of the estate
  • Chairman or elected representative from the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) commercial tenants' association (with membership constituting 50% or more of the estate's HA commercial tenants), if any, in the estate
  • Elected District Council Member(s) whose constituency covers the estate

Other Persons Invited to Attend the Meetings