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The responsibilities of Estate Management Advisory Committee (EMAC) are as follows:

1. To advise the Housing Manager (HM) / Property Service Manager (PSM) on:
(a) priorities of maintenance and improvement works within the estate;
(b) proposals relating to security, orderliness and cleanliness, control over roads and carparks, noise and amenities in the estate;
(c) the award / renewal of services contracts; and
(d) the drawing up of estste action plan.
2. To provide feedback and reflect tenants' views on estate management matters, including maintenance and improvement works.
3. To involve or participate in:
(a) appraising the performance of service providers of the estate; and
(b) organising estate community activities.
4. Where resources are made available for the purpose, to recommend minor local improvement and maintenance works as well as estate management activities for implementation in the estate.

The terms of reference of EMAC focus on local estate management. The estate HM / PSM maintain an overall control of the management of the estate, such as enforcing tenancy conditions and regulating estate environment, etc. Territory-wide housing policies such as those concerning rent, increase in fees and charges, etc. should continue to rest with the Hong Kong Housing Authority's relevant policy committees.

Participation in Estate Management

EMACs are involved in the following estate management matters:

1. Maintenance and Improvement Works
  An annual maintenance and improvement works programme is drawn up for each estate by Housing staff, having regard to the repair conditions of estate properties and tenants' views. Works items are prioritised according to the urgency of such works, staff and resources available and so on.
  The Housing Department (HD) welcomes tenants' opinions on maintenance and improvement. Tenants who wish to make suggestions in this respect may do so by presenting to EMAC direct or through the Mutual Aid Committee. EMAC members are encouraged to explain to tenants the nature and programme of essential maintenance works, and any inconvenience which may be caused to them. As far as possible, they should also consult tenants on the priorities of minor improvement and maintenance works. EMAC should balance various views or suggestions for these works items.
2.  Appraisal of Service Contractors
  With the introduction of EMAC Scheme, the supervising and appraisal process in respect of service contractors is enhanced. Through EMAC members, tenants are encouraged to provide regular feedback on the performance of service contractors and give comments on the contract renewals in the estate.
  EMAC is also expected to advise the HD on measures to improve the system of monitoring and appraisal of the services contractors. EMAC's views on the performance appraisal of contractors are a factor in deciding service contract extensions or renewals.

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