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Do You Know?

  • "There are over 2 million residents in our PRH estates"
  • "We have 183 PRH estates in our portfolio"
  • "There are over 760 000 households in our PRH estates"
  • "We have a PRH stock of over 770 000 flats"
  • "The average household size of PRH households is 2.8"
  • "The average living space per person in PRH is 13.3 square metres"
  • "The average monthly rent of a PRH flat is $1,880"
  • "Kwai Chung Estate is the largest PRH estate with the largest number of flats"
  • "Wah Ha Estate is the smallest PRH estate with the smallest number of flats"
  • "The first resettlement estate was built in 1954 at Shek Kip Mei"
  • "North Point Estate (1957-2002) was the first low-cost housing in HK"
  • "Our Comprehensive Redevelopment Programme covered 566 PRH blocks"
  • "Shun Chi Court, the first HOS project, was completed in 1980"
  • "39 estates have been put under the Tenants Purchase Scheme from 1998 to 2005"
  • "We have sold over 460 000 subsidised flats since 1978"
  • "The longest (128 metres) mural in PRH can be found in Cheung Wang Estate"
  • "There is an Artwalk in Yat Tung Estate, Tung Chung"
  • "We have developed an ecological park next to Ma Hang Estate in Stanley"
  • "There is a butterfly garden in Hoi Lai Estate, Sham Shui Po"
  • "Sau Mau Ping South Estate has a greening ratio of 43%"

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