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Green Estate


Green Delight in Estates

Infrastructure and Promotion for Waste Reduction

To encourage active participation of residents in recycling of domestic waste, a series of environmental infrastructure building and educational programmes to promote separation of domestic wastes at source were organised in selected estates.

Separation of Domestic Wastes at Source Programme

Since October 2005, we have started the Separation of Domestic Wastes at Source Programme to reduce overall waste load in public rental housing estates by establishing user-friendly recycling systems.

Together with a series of promotion programmes, we assisted 49 GDE participating estates in setting up more convenient recycling facilities or arrangements based on the existing recycling practice and condition of the estates. Three-colour recycling bags or recycling bins for collecting waste papers, plastics and metals were installed inside the refuse room, lift lobby or staircase of each floor of the building blocks in the estates where possible. For estates without suitable space to install recycling facilities, door-to-door collection method was adopted. Residents could separate the recyclables and put them next to the garbage bags at their doorsteps. The cleansing contractors would then collect the recyclables while collecting refuse. Education activities were carried out to further enhance residents' awareness on waste separation.

To ensure the proper use of new recycling facilities, spot checks on the condition of these facilities were conducted. Reports were given to estate offices for follow-up actions in cases of misuse of facilities or any missing bags and signages.

Three-colour recycling bins in Fuk Loi Estate (left) and Sai Wan Estate (right)

Recycling bins were provided at ground floor in Pak Tin Estate

Recycling bins were provided at ground floor in Pak Tin Estate

Used Goods Exchange Square

To encourage better utilisation of resources and reduction of waste disposal, we set up Used Goods Exchange Squares in the estate as a platform to allow residents to exchange the used goods including toys, books, stationeries and household products. The Exchange Square provided an excellent opportunity for the residents to clear up their homes. With the support of EMAC members, the event was well received by residents. A total of over 40,000 items were collected and/or exchanged. Many of the residents welcomed the event to be held more frequently.

Residents participated in the Used Goods Exchange Square to exchange their un-used goods for something they required

E-waste Recycling Day

The objectives of the "Electric/Electronic Waste (E-waste) Recycling Days" are to provide proper channels for residents to dispose of e-waste and educate them the associated potential environmental hazards. Residents were encouraged to take their e-waste including old computers, electrical appliances, fluorescent lamps and rechargeable batteries to the collection counters to exchange for small gifts. Green Estate Ambassadors helped to manage the e-waste collection counters and deliver green message to the residents. Exhibition panels were also set next to the counters to illustrate the potential environmental problems and hazards of e-waste. Through this event, we collected a total of over 1,500 pieces of e-waste and reached about 11,700 residents.

E-waste Recycling Day

E-waste Recycling Day

Reduce Plastic Bag Campaign and Plastic Garbage Bag Reduction Scheme

Before the enforcement of environmental levy on plastic shopping bag, we launched the "Reduce Plastic Bag Campaign" to encourage reducing the use of plastic bags when shopping through a simple reward scheme. Coupons to redeem small gifts were given to those shoppers who did not ask for plastic bag during shopping. We also held the "Plastic Garbage Bag Reduction Scheme" to encourage the residents to reduce the use of plastic garbage bags. Residents would receive a gift if they did not take the plastic garbage bags from the estate management offices. It is estimated about 33,000 residents took part in the scheme.

A day trip to Noah's Ark Theme Park

Residents received small gifts in the Reduce Plastic Bag Campaign