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Built in the 1950’s and 60’s, Shek Kip Mei Estate, So Uk Estate and Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate have witnessed and, in one way or another, contributed to the remarkable development of Hong Kong in the past 50 years or so. The unique lifestyle and close ties among the neighbourhoods in public housing estates have always been the fond memory of many people in Hong Kong.

As indicated by the messages left on the autograph album, many exhibition visitors found themselves deeply touched by the faces and places shown in the photos and videos. Some of their comments are shared in this section.

Visitors’ Sharing

“In a place where skyscrapers have taken over most of the sky, it's great to see now the historic buildings are able to show their characteristics and personalities of the true Hong Kongers.”
- Justin

“Thanks to the brilliant eyes and efforts of those who brought this exhibition together, those who were not lucky enough to have lived or been to the featured estates can have some feeling for what life was at these estates. Having been at SKM Estate before it was torn down, I am moved by the photos of those who actually lived there.”
- Melissa

“It records the old days and the memories of most of the people, and shows the trace of time, which makes us treasure what is besides us. Thank you. The exhibition is so great!”
- SL

“Thanks for all the photos. I have not lived in a public estate before, but I can feel the harmony and love over there by watching the photos. You guys have done a great job.”
- Jacky

“The photos have not only recorded the livelihood of residents in Shek Kip Mei Estate but also witnessed the change of local culture in Hong Kong. It is so meaningful to all of us!”

“A nice exhibition that allows our future generation to experience the past of Hong Kong.”
- Joyce

“Thank you for the wonderful photographs, and for preserving the past.”
- (from New York)

“Excellent exhibits. The videos are very touching too. Well done and thank you!”
- WC

“Thank the organiser for holding this exhibition to let the younger generation get a better understanding of the past and the old public estates.”
- Fong

“Great memories of things once common to so many local Hong Kong people. Every moment, every picture was a reflection of the real Hong Kong.”

“The photos are very special!!! The videos make me feel warm and know more about the estates' history.”
- Wing

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Shek Kip Mei Estate

“The government built these resettlement areas in a short time to rehouse the (fire) victims and immediately they helped improve people’s living quality.”
- Choi Shuk-fan, ex-tenant of Shek Kip Mei Estate

“All would take their rice bowls to eat in the corridor and share their dishes with one another. We were like a family.”
- Wong Pui-lan, ex-tenant of Shek Kip Mei Estate

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So Uk Estate

“My father cherishes the memory of So Uk Estate because the neighbours were like members of a big family. He didn’t have to worry when he’s out, even if the door was left wide open.”
- Ada Choi, ex-tenant of So Uk Estate

“So Uk Estate is a classic Hong Kong story. Immigrants coming to Hong Kong with bare hands gradually built an environment for their next generation, giving full play to their skills and talents… So Uk Estate is one of the cradles of the middle-class. I believe it truly reflects the development of Hong Kong.”
- Dr Cheung Chor-yung, ex-tenant of So Uk Estate

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Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate

“My childhood in Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate was the happiest time of my life. Life was relaxed and simple, and I treasured it very much.”
- Ho Ka-lai, ex-tenant of Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate

“I am most reluctant to part with the people who have been my neighbours for so many years… If I came home late, they would come out to the corridor to ensure that I returned home safely before going back to their own flats.”
- Lee Hoi-ting, ex-tenant of Lower Ngau Tau Kok Estate

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