Environmental Policies

The Hong Kong Housing Authority is committed to continuously improving the environmental standards in the provision of public housing and related services. In achieving this objective, the Housing Authority has adopted the following environmental principles:

  • To promote healthy living and a green environment;
  • To develop a strategic framework and implement environmental management for the promotion of sustainable development;
  • To strictly comply with and fully implement all relevant environmental legislation and regulations;
  • To address environmental concerns and incorporate environmental initiatives in planning and design, construction and demolition, marketing and estate management activities;
  • To minimise environmental impacts from our operations (air, dust, noise, waste and water) on residents and the public;
  • To develop procurement policies to minimise the use of resources and achieve cost effectiveness;
  • To promote environmental awareness and participation among staff, residents and contractors through education and publicity programmes; and
  • To review and seek continual improvement on the implementation of an environmental management system.

Environmentally Responsible Procurement Policy

The Environmentally Responsible Procurement Policy for contractors, suppliers and service providers is as follows:

According to the Hong Kong Housing Authority Environmental Policy, the HA is committed to minimising the use of resource and achieve cost effectiveness in its operation. This policy is developed to fulfil this commitment by:

  • Identifying the significant environmental impacts of materials and services in use;
  • Purchasing materials, goods and services to specifications that are compliant with relevant environmental legislation, and include environmental considerations so that, if technically acceptable and economically viable, lower environmental impact goods and services are purchased;
  • Assessing the environmental commitment of suppliers, contractors and service providers as part of the tender evaluation process, and rewarding the best environmental performers. Paying for environment to demand for higher environmental performance;
  • As appropriate to the scale and or nature of the work requiring contractors and service providers to produce project environmental management plans (EMPs) within their bids for work;
  • Regularly evaluating evidence supplied by contractors and service providers towards implementation of their environmental management plan as part of our ongoing supervision of works;
  • Providing feedback, advice and facilitate training to key suppliers, contractors and service providers on environmental performance and improvement opportunities;
  • Ensuring that all Housing Authority (HA) staff, HA suppliers, contractors and service providers are aware of, and act in accordance with, HA environmental procurement policy and contribute to HA’s environmental objectives; and
  • Establishing systems, targets and action plans for effective environmental procurement and regular reports on performance.