Queens Hill Public Transport Terminus and Queens Hill Community Complex

Designs of Wooden Benches

In order to fully utilize the timber from the former Queen’s Hill Barracks, the design team strived to make use of every single piece of wood, including the tiny residual pieces. The team devised specific designs of benches for residual wood pieces in different sizes and forms. The residual pieces were grouped by types, and eventually fabricated into unique benches placed in the centre of the podium garden.

The benches placed at the display corner at Queens Hill Community Complex are from the remaining Araucaria Cunninghamii tree trunks. The artisan crafted and applied a protective coating to strengthen the wood, transforming them into these five wooden benches. Each bench is made by putting two trunks of similar length together. Each of the five wooden benches has a different lengths, and the distinctive features of the original tree trunks give each bench its unique appearance.

Designed by : Neuberg Arts

Artisan : Chi Kee Sawmill & Timber