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Viewing Route

Queens Hill Estate offers a fascinating selection of artworks and conservation attractions that deserve our appreciation. To enhance your enjoyment, we have planned out a recommended viewing route linking up these attractions.



We invited Hong Kong artists to use the retained wood and artefacts preserved from the former Queen's Hill Barracks to develop different artworks under the themes "Roots and Origin” . The artworks are installed in different parts of the estate, representing the history, culture and transformation of Queen’s Hill.

More Artwork

Wood Benches

We invited Hong Kong artists and artisans to design and fabricate different types of wooden benches from the retained wood preserved from the former Queen's Hill Barracks. They are installed in various locations in the estate for residents to enjoy.

Wood Benches

Tree Conservation

Tree conservation has been one of the most challenging parts during the development, the architectural layouts have been delicately designed to establish a joyous union with the existing landscape resources. We were committed to preserve over a hundred of existing trees, involving 10 high amenity value trees which we are delighted to bring their beauties in sight for all future visitors.

key retained tree

Community Engagement Projects

The artwork development team of Queens Hill Estate held art workshops in Fanling Government Secondary School, for the students and artists to jointly create two sets of artworks for display at the Queens Hill Estate. Students directly participated in public art production and had great fun. This creative process is indeed a form of their contribution to the community.

Artwork development

Heritage Wall & Recycling Path

We preserved the stones from the former Queen’s Hill Barracks during the construction of Queens Hill Estate to create the Heritage Wall and Recycling Path. The mix of new and old stones mimics a pleasing balance between past and present.