Sustainability Report 2019/20

The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) endeavours to achieve economic sustainability while building and maintaining quality and affordable homes for the public.

Financial Performance

The HA is a financially autonomous entity. To support public housing development, it generates income from rental of public housing and commercial properties, sale of subsidised sale flats, and fund investment.

The Finance Committee (FC) advises on financial policies and issues, and monitors the financial performance of the HA. The FC, with the assistance of its Funds Management Sub-Committee, also reviews the HA’s investment strategy and position from time to time.

To manage our finance in a prudent manner, we conduct monthly reviews of the financial position of the HA and report the results to FC regularly. In addition, we review the financial management practice when necessary, and monitor and evaluate our financial planning and budgeting process.

Summaries of 2019/20 financial information are provided in the HA’s Annual Report 2019/20.

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