Sustainability Report 2019/20

Governance Structure and Management

Our Governance Structure and Management

The Secretary for Transport and Housing assumes the office of Chairman of the HA, while the Director of Housing assumes that of Vice-chairman. Apart from the Chairman and Vice-chairman, the HA has two official members and 26 non-official members, which are appointed by the Chief Executive. All non-official members are appointed on an individual basis.

Six standing committees has been established under the HA to formulate, administer and oversee policies in specified areas, covering building, commercial properties, finance, strategic planning, subsidised housing and tenders. Sub-committee and ad-hoc committee can be formed under these six committees whenever needed. For more information on our governance structure and the terms of reference of the standing committees, please refer to the HA/HD website.

The HD, acting as the HA’s executive arm, supports the implementation of housing-related policies. The HD is led by the Permanent Secretary for Transport and Housing (Housing), who is concurrent with the Director of Housing. The HD has four operating divisions, namely Strategy, Development and Construction, Estate Management and Corporate Services, all of which support the implementation of HA’s policies in housing strategy, overall housing development, construction and estate management. The HD’s organisation could be found on the HA/HD’s website.

The Housing Department Environmental, Health and Safety Committee (HDEHSC) is tasked with the development and formulation of policy direction on environmental, health, safety and sustainability aspects within the HD. Three sub-committees under the HDEHSC further support on different sustainability issues.

HD Environmental, Health and Safety Committee
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Our Management Approaches

To govern our operations with clear direction on sustainability commitment and approaches, our management has established and endorsed policies and frameworks in specific work areas. These policies and frameworks have been communicated to and are supported by our stakeholders, including our staff, service providers, material suppliers and contractors.

Policies at the Departmental Level

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The HA also extends our sustainability effort to our supply chain, which mainly includes locally based construction contractors, estate management companies, and associated service providers. As part of supply chain management, we maintain regular communications with our contractors and material suppliers to align their understanding of our sustainability requirements. We also constantly review and assess suppliers’ performance and compliance status through a robust and effective monitoring system.

In promoting responsible procurement practices, we strictly follow the Government Procurement Agreement of the World Trade Organisation and the HA’s procurement policies and instructions. We strive to provide equal opportunities without prejudice to material suppliers to assure a fair, open, equitable and ethical purchasing process. Furthermore, the Environmentally Responsible Procurement Policy has been established to encourage adoption of green procurement where practicable and economically viable.

Policies at the Divisional Level

In addition to formulating and implementing the policies at the departmental level, individual divisions and units have obtained various certifications on management systems to align with international practices.

The HA also integrates some other international schemes or standards into our management systems. These schemes and standards are not certifiable but are verified through other means such as the HKQAA CSR Advocate Index.

Our individual divisions and units have also formulated policies that demonstrate their commitment to sustainability in their daily operations.

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