Sustainability Report 2019/20

The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA), established in April 1973 under the Housing Ordinance (Chapter 283), is a statutory body responsible for supporting the Transport and Housing Bureau in the development and implementation of the local public housing programme. The Housing Department (HD) acts as an executive arm of the HA.

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our Vision

Our Vision

To provide affordable rental housing to low-income families with housing needs, and to help low-to-middle-income families gain access to subsidised home ownership.

Vision background elements
Our Vision

Our Mission

  • To provide affordable quality housing, management, maintenance and other housing-related services to meet the needs of our customers in a proactive and caring manner;
  • To provide an age-friendly and barrier-free estate environment to address the needs of residents of different ages and physical ability;
  • To ensure cost-effective and rational use of public resources in service delivery and allocation of housing assistance in an open and equitable manner; and
  • To maintain a competent, dedicated and performance-oriented team.
Vision background elements
Our Vision

Our Core Values

We incorporate sustainability into planning, implementation of housing development and maintenance programmes to provide quality, safe, affordable, people-oriented and eco-friendly public housing. Our sustainability strategies, priorities and programmes are clearly defined in terms of environmental, social and economic sustainability. We strive to balance the needs from these three aspects to attain the goals of healthy living, sustainable construction and urban environment enhancement.

  • For environmental sustainability, we prioritise resources optimisation, consumption reduction and the minimisation of environmental footprint.
  • For social sustainability, we prioritise the provision of public housing to those in need, and the creation of a comfortable and safe living environment that promotes social cohesion.
  • For economic sustainability, we prioritise the maintenance of cost effectiveness and economic viability in our operations.
Our Core Values 4Cs
Vision background elements
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