Sustainability Report 2019/20

Message from the Chairman

2020 was a year full of challenges. Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe, providing a safe, harmonious and sustainable living environment remains the Hong Kong Housing Authority (“HA”)’s top priority. Themed under “Live Green Together in Harmony”, this fifteenth Sustainability Report showcases HA’s and our stakeholders’ concerted efforts in providing quality public housing for those in need and promoting green living to our community in the face of challenges posed by the pandemic.

Over the years, we have been introducing and applying new technologies in an array of aspects for HA, from project design and construction, testing and inspections, to estate management and customer service, with a view to improving services, enhancing efficiency, and creating a more resilient and sustainable living environment.

We have integrated numerous environmental features in the design of new estates, including water saving. To enhance water management, we have developed and pioneered the Zero Irrigation System (ZIS) which collects and stores rainwater in retention boxes beneath the planting area for plant irrigation through root absorption. It substantially reduces fresh water consumption and the manpower for manual irrigation, and at the same time relieves pressure on the urban sewer system. ZIS has been widely adopted in new public housing developments since 2016. We will continue to study the feasibility for planting trees with ZIS application on podium, as well as using prefabricated modular ZIS design to expedite construction.

Developing sustainable living environment together with our tenants is also an essential aspect of our theme, living green together in harmony. Apart from offering recycling corners, we have been organising various activities in our public rental housing estates and commercial facilities to promote waste reduction and recycling. “Let's Join Hands to Reduce Waste in our Estates” and “Green Delight in Estates” continue to be our major environmental programmes. Coupled with a wide variety of other recycling campaigns, we have been using different channels to promote green living to our tenants.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought severe challenges, we stand tall with prompt and proactive anti-epidemic and environmental hygiene initiatives. My heartfelt appreciation goes to our HA colleagues and our stakeholders for their concerted efforts and continuous support in the past year in safeguarding the sustainability of our estates. With passion, diligence and dedication, let us excel in fostering harmony and sustainability for our public housing community.

Chan Fan, Frank


March 2021

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