Sustainability Report 2019/20

Initiatives in Planning and Construction of New Housing Estates

Provision of Public Rental Housing (PRH) / Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme (GSH)

The HA has been producing public housing continually to avert the housing demand-supply imbalance. In 2019/20, the HA completed construction of around 10,100 new PRH / GSH flats in a total of seven projects, including:

  • Sau Yun House of Sau Mau Ping Estate
  • Shan Wu House, Tsz Jing House, Bik Yuk House of Po Shek Wu Estate
  • Mei Hei House, Mei Pak House of Shek Kip Mei Estate
  • Chun Yat House, Chun Yi House, Chun San House, Chun Sze House, Chun Wu House of Chun Yeung Estate
  • Sing Fai House, Tai Fai House of Fai Ming Estate
  • Fu Fai House of Fu Shan Estate
  • Wui Chi House of Tung Wui Estate

In December 2019, a total of 3,696 flats converted from two PRH developments at Chai Wan Road (Dip Tsui Court) and Tsing Yi Road (Ching Fu Court) were offered for sale under GSH and flat selection for eligible applicants commenced in June 2020. Both developments are expecting to complete in 2022/23 and 2023/24 respectively.

public housing
public housing

Provision of Other Subsidised Sales Flats (SSFs)

In parallel with PRH and GSH flats, the HA has been providing other SSFs to address home ownership aspirations of the low- to middle-income families through the Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) and White Form Secondary Market Scheme (WSM).

In 2019/20, construction of around 3,000 other SSFs were completed in three projects, namely Sheung Man Court, Choi Wo Court and Phase 2 of Hoi Lok Court.

  • In May 2019, the fifth batch of flats was put up for sale under the revised HOS pricing mechanism, and all 4,871 flats were sold out in June 2020.
  • The WSM 2019 was launched together with the Sale of HOS Flats 2019 in May 2019, with the annual quota increased to 3,000, allowing circulation of more SSFs into the market in the near future.
The electronic ballot drawing ceremony of the batch of new HOS flats

The electronic ballot drawing ceremony of the batch of new HOS flats

Optimising Use of Resources

Management and Procurement Practices

In respect of strengthening of procurement practices and operational efficiency, the HA develops a holistic management and procurement system to maintain an open, fair, transparent and cost-effective procurement environment. We continued to review the adequacy of the HA Lists of Works Contractors and Property Management Services Providers and encourage more contractors/property management services providers to apply for inclusion in HA lists.

The “Guide to Registration of Works Contractors and Property Management Services Providers” is also reviewed and updated on a need basis. In the meantime, the performance reporting and review mechanism for non-HA list contractors and service providers are reviewed on a continuous basis.

Enhance Efficiency of Building Design and Construction with Information Technology

The HA has utilised various information technologies to assist building and construction works, which include but not limited to:

To further support flat-to-flat inspection of building work, building service work, as well as the foundation inspection of pile types, the HA is proceeding with the development of Phase 3 of the DCSMS, which will consist of Apps for Building Works and Building Services Works Final Inspection of Domestic Flats and Foundation Works Inspection. The Apps, which are compatible with latest technology of mobile devices, are to replace the existing Housing Construction Management Enterprise System Mobile Site Inspection system and Construction Mobile Inspection System respectively.

Enhance Efficiency of Building Design and Construction with Information Technology

Enhancing Building Standards, Quality and Productivity

The HA strives to uphold quality services and development through setting out guidelines and conducting regular internal audits in line with relevant standards.

To ensure that building materials meet contemporary requirements and standards, Product Certification has been implemented over the years to guarantee quality of materials and components used in our new works projects. To date, Product Certifications has been applied to 11 building products, including panel wall, cement products, mortars and tiles, etc.

Whereas for maintenance works, the General Specification for Maintenance Works is constantly reviewed and enhanced where necessary.

In 2019/20, the Independent Checking Unit (ICU), which works directly under the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Transport and Housing (Housing), has audited on quality of the HA’s properties:

  • New Construction projects:
    999 building submissions, 1,962 structural submissions, 986 consents
  • Completed New Construction projects:
    8 occupation permits and 156 structural certificates
  • Alteration and Addition Works:
    2,343 submissions and 971 consents
  • Minor Works Control System:
    23,369 submissions

With the aim of achieving continuous enhancements in building standards, quality and productivity, the HA has been conducting on-going research and development (R&D) activities. The R&D Steering Committee calls for regular meetings to monitor activities as well as to steer new initiatives. During the reporting year, the total number of research studies in the database remained as 253.

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