This is a web-based Healthy and Safety Training Courseware prepared for works staff, property management, cleansing and security management colleagues of Estate Management Division to enhance their competency in occupational safety and health knowledge. 

It covers 24 chapters each containing key information with quiz to test the acquaintance of the attending colleagues with the course content after finishing the chapter:

1.     Occupational Safety and Health Legislation

2.     Safe System of Work

3.     Safety of Property Management

4.     Safety of Lift and Escalator Installation Works

5.     Safety of Working at Height

6.     Safe Use of Guarding and Operation of Machinery

7.     Fire Safety

8.     Safety of Building Service Installation and Renovation Works

9.     Safety Management System

10.   Safety Monitoring

11.   Safe Use of Lifting Appliances and Lifting Gear

12.   Occupational Health

13.   Safety of Excavation Works

14.   Hygiene and Environment of Construction Site

15.   Safety at Work for Gas Welding and Flame Cutting

16.   Stress and Conflict Management

17.   Safety of Confined Spaces

18.   Noise Management

19.   Safety at Work in Times of Inclement Weather

20.   Safe Use of Abrasive Wheels

21.   Work Safe Behaviour

22.   Safety of Slope Maintenance Works

23.   Safe Use of Woodworking Machinery

24.   Safety Auditing System (Maintenance & Improvement)