The Housing Department Environment, Health and Safety Committee (HDEHSC) is responsible for the development and formulation of policy direction on Environment, Health, Safety and sustainability issues. The Committee is chaired by the Permanent Secretary for Transport and Housing (Housing) who also assumes the office of Director of Housing. The HDEHSC is underpinned by the Housing Department Site Safety Sub-committee (HDSSSC) which is chaired by the Deputy Director of Housing (Development and Construction)

Structure of HDSSSC

HDSSSC Organization Chart

Public organisations (policy makers, law enforcement authorities, statutory bodies and training authorities)

  • Development Bureau
  • Labour Department
  • Buildings Department
  • Occupational Safety and Health Council
  • Construction Industry Council
  • Vocational Training Council

Contractors/service providers associations

  • Hong Kong Construction Association
  • Hong Kong Construction Sub-contractors Association
  • The Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical Contractors Limited
  • The Hong Kong Association of Property Services Agents
  • Hong Kong Cleaning Association
  • The Hong Kong Chamber of Cleansing Contractors Limited

Trade unions

  • Hong Kong Construction Industry Employees General Union
  • Hong Kong and Kowloon Electrical Engineering and Appliances Trade Workers Union
  • Construction Site Workers General Union

Internal members of Housing Department

  • Departmental representatives from the Development and Construction Division and the Estate Management Division
  • Staff representatives of site staff grade and professional grade


HDSSSC terms of reference

The Housing Department’s Site Safety Sub-committee assists the HDEHSC in overseeing site safety management measures for works contracts. The terms of reference of HDSSSC include:

  • Reviewing, appraising and advising on site safety management measures for both new works construction contracts and maintenance contracts of the Housing Department
  • Site safety management measures including connection with, but not to limited to, the following:
    • Strategy and implementation
    • Site safety performance statistics
    • Contract provisions
    • Contractors’ performance assessment and monitoring
    • List management
    • Coordination with external parties and government departments
    • Legislation on site safety
    • Site safety campaigns

The membership of the HDSSSC includes concerned industry stakeholders across the board encompassing public organisations, contractors/service provider associations, trade unions and internal members of the Housing Department.

Empowerment: driving safety culture from the top

With membership spanning a wide spectrum of concerned industry sectors, the HDSSSC is responsible for reviewing the formulation and implementation of site safety strategies. This provides the Housing Authority with a platform that allows us to work closely with and engage stakeholders in the review and appraisal of safety initiatives, implementation of safety campaigns and partnership projects and dissemination of safety information.

To share a common vision with industry players and facilitate closer working relations with them, HDSSSC members are also given the opportunity to regularly review and offer advice on safety management measures in connection with our new works construction and maintenance works contracts.