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Rehousing Arrangement
Eligibility for Public Rental Housing

It is not the policy of the Housing Authority to rehouse affected households within the same district of the cleared estate under the Estate Clearance projects. Instead, affected households may apply to move to public rental housing (PRH) flats in any district of their choice subject to availability of suitable vacant flats.

When the rehousing eligibility of the affected households is confirmed, flat allocation will be arranged under the Self-selection Scheme. Tenants are allowed to select flats according to their preference within the reserved housing list distributed to the eligible individual households before they are invited for flat selection. Domestic Removal Allowance will be released to the tenants who have accepted the rehousing offer and such tenants are required to move out of their existing PRH units on a prescribed date.

Self-selection scheme

Priority lists for flat selection are drawn out in an open ballot.  Arrangements of the exercise are listed as follow :

  • Families with rehousing eligibility and have not yet accepted any rehousing offer or housing benefit are eligible;
  • All eligible households are divided into groups according to their household sizes;
  • According to ballot result, flat selection will start from the largest household size group and proceed in descending order;
  • Except for the single-person households, flat selection priority within individual family group is determined by ballot and a computer balloting system;
  • Flat selection priority of the single-person households is determined by age. Elderly persons will be given higher priorities;
  • Families having members with disability and families with recommendations by Social Welfare Department may be considered to accord higher priority for flat selection;
  • For those who failed in selecting a flat in the exercise, rehousing offer determined by computer ballot will be made from the remaining reserved housing resources after the exercise;
  • If tenants refuse to accept three rehousing offers without justifiable grounds or refuse to accept rehousing offers three months before the evacuation date (whichever is earlier), their tenancies will be terminated;
  • Tenants can lodge appeal to our Appeal Panel within 15 days from the date of our issuance of Notice-to-quit.
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