Event Date: 06/07/2017

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Welcoming address by Mr Stanley YING Yiu-hong
Mr. Stanley YING Yiu-hong Permanent Secretary for Transport and Housing ( Housing )
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Welcoming address by Mr. Conrad WONG
Mr. Conrad WONG Chairman of the Occupational Safety and Health Council
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Theme : Prevention through Design “Careful design can reduce accidents and ensure smooth and safe execution of works” by Ada FUNG
Ms. Ada FUNG Deputy Director of Housing (Development & Construction) & Chairman of HDSSSC
His presentation topic is measures to avoid work injuries by applying industrial exoskeleton.
Mr. Gary Chou Shue Kai
the General Manager (Technical) of Chun Wo Construction Holdings Company Limited
His presentation topic is innovative methods during construction and measures to monitor vehicle safety.
Mr. Chow Ka Lun
the Construction Projects Manager of Hip Hing Construction Cooperation Limited
His presentation topic is Ground Operate Safety Clamp for Lifting of I-beam.
Mr. Cheng Ho-ming Edward
the Contract Manager of Tyson Foundation Limited
Briefing on Latest Safety Products by Suppliers of Safety Equipment
Mr. Wong Kei-fung
Mr. Ho Chi-hung
Mr. Kwong Ka-hung
Ms. Lam Fung-sin
Ms. Tse Hoi-kei
Mr. Yeung Kwok-tat
Ms. Choi Yin-yin
Mr. Mak wai-keung
Mr. Law Dai-wai
Mr. Song Kun-kau
Keynote Address by Mr H C LUK
Mr. H C LUK Assistant Director of Housing (Estate Management)(3)
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His presentation topic is overload issue of the temporary gondolas and the tilt warning system
Mr. Chan Hoi-yuen
the (temp. gondolas) technical team member of HK Prof. Hoisting Eng. Association Ltd.
His presentation topic is the alarm system at the bottom of lift shaft.
Mr. Lee Man-kit
of the Director of refurbishment work in Schindler Lifts (Hong Kong) Ltd
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His presentation topic is the aluminium working platforms for bamboo scaffolds
Mr Ho Chi-fai
General Manager of Building Renovation and Maintenance Department of Yau Lee Construction Co. Ltd.,
Their presentation topic is "The preventive measures on the high-altitude and off-ground works" and "Preventive actions to avoid violence in the working places"
Mr. Ho hoi-fung Executive Director
Mr. Kwok Wai-hung Safety Manager
of Nice Property Management Ltd.
MC is now delivering a closing remark
The Master of Ceremonies
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