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Flat In-take

The following provides you a better understanding of those things you need to do or know during flat in-take.

1. Apply for Utility Services
  When completing the intake formalities at the estate office, you can also apply for public utility services such as water, electricity, gas and telephone. You only need to pay the deposits when you receive the payment notifications from the utility companies.
2. Check for Defects in the Flat
  After collecting the key, you should check carefully all installations and fittings in the flat. If there is any defect or damage, you must complete and return the Defect List to the estate office within the prescribed period so that the staff can arrange the contractor to do the remedial works for you. Please note that failing to report the defects within the prescribed time will render it difficult to hold the contractor responsible for rectifying the defects and damages.
3. Update Your Address and Contact Information
  • Notify the Registration of Persons Office
    After moving in, please notify the Registration of Persons Office of the Immigration Department of your new address so that your records can be updated. You can find the Notification of Change of Address Form (ROP 18A) inside the intake information folder we prepare for new tenants.
  • Register as an Elector or Report Change in Address
    A Voter Registration Form (REO-1) is also enclosed in the intake information folder. You may use it to register as a voter or just to report your change of address if you have already registered. More forms can be obtained from the estate office if required.
  • After moving in, please inform the estate office your home, office and mobile telephone numbers as soon as possible to facilitate communication in future.

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