Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department

Home Ownership

Sale of Green Form
Subsidised Home Ownership
Scheme Flats 2020/21
Read MoreSale of Green Form<br>Subsidised Home Ownership<br>Scheme Flats 2020/21
Sale of Recovered Flats
from Estates under
Tenants Purchase Scheme
Read MoreSale of Recovered Flats<br>from Estates under<br>Tenants Purchase Scheme
White Form Secondary
Market Scheme 2020
Read MoreWhite Form Secondary<br>Market Scheme 2020
Sale of Home
Ownership Scheme
Flats 2020
Read MoreSale of Home<br>Ownership Scheme<br>Flats 2020
Facilitating the Turnover
of Subsidised Sale Flats
Read MoreFacilitating the Turnover <br> of Subsidised Sale Flats