Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department

Rent Related Matters

Rent Related Matters
Rent Related Matters

The Housing Authority (HA) has been keeping the rent (Note 1) of its public rental housing (PRH) / Interim Housing (IH) at an affordable level. We have put in place a rent adjustment mechanism whereby the rent is adjusted according to changes in tenants' (Note 2) household income.

Rent Assistance Scheme
Aims to provide relief in the form of rent reductions to tenants facing temporary financial hardship.

Rent Payment Methods
We offer a number of convenient rent payment channels for our tenants.

Rent Enquiry Services
Tenants can check their own rent payment status through 7-Eleven, VanGO or Circle K Convenience Stores, or U select and  e-Services.

Note 1: Refers to both the rent of PRH and the licence fee of IH.
Note 2: Refers to both tenants of PRH and licensees of IH.