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Buying a Flat under TPS

Buying a Flat under TPS

The Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) was introduced by the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) in 1998. In 2002, the Government reviewed its overall housing policy. In support of the Government's repositioned housing policy, the HA terminated the TPS after the sale of TPS Phase 6B in 2005 / 2006. According to prevailing policy, sitting tenants in TPS estates can still opt to purchase their flats.

Owners' Benefits and Protection

Owners can enjoy the following benefits and protection:

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Use and Occupation

Owner(s) shall use the TPS flat for private residential purposes only and ensure that the flat shall be occupied by the owner(s) and all the members of his family (Authorised Occupants) listed in the Letter of Offer. If, without obtaining the prior written consent of the HA, any of the Authorised Occupants, including the owner(s), ceases to actually or permanently live in the flat for whatsoever reason(s) and for whatsoever period(s), the HA has the absolute right to require the owner(s) to assign the flat back to the HA.

Buying a Recovered TPS Flats under Home Ownership Scheme (HOS), Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme (GSH) or Public Rental Housing (PRH) Express Flat Allocation Scheme (EFAS) Sale Exercise:

The 2019 Policy Address proposed that the HA make active preparations with a view to accelerating the sale of the existing unsold flats in the TPS estates.  Thereafter, Subsidised Housing Committee of the HA endorsed in 2020 putting up recovered TPS flats for sale in the HOS and GSH sale exercises to eligible Green Form (GF) applicants, and reviewing the sale of recovered TPS flats after two sale exercises. The HA endorsed in 2023 regularising the sale of recovered TPS flats, setting the target buyers of recovered TPS flats as those with Green Form status and eligible applicants of EFAS, and putting up TPS flats which remain unsold at the end of an HOS or GSH sale exercise for sale in the EFAS exercise which immediately follows.  Eligible applicants who would like to have further information on the HOS and GSH sale exercises and EFAS, please visit the sections on “Sale of HOS Flats”,“Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme” or “Express Flat Allocation Scheme” of this website.

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