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Buying a Flat under TPS

The Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) was introduced by the Housing Authority's (HA) in 1998. In 2002, the Government reviewed its overall housing policy. In support of the Government's repositioned housing policy, the HA terminated the TPS after the sale of TPS Phase 6B in 2005 / 2006. According to prevailing policy, tenants in the existing TPS estates can still opt to purchase their flats.

Owners' Benefits and Protection

Owners can enjoy the following benefits and protection:

1. Special Credits
  (a) New tenants who purchase TPS flats within two years from commencement of the tenancy can enjoy special credits;
  (b) They can enjoy a full credit if they buy within the first year and a halved credit in the second year;
  (c) After the second year, no credit will be given.
    Note: Market rent payers at the time of approval of their offer to purchase, ex-TPS owners and any authorised persons in reverted tenancies are not entitled to enjoy special credits.
2. Flat Maintenance
  (a) Repair to in-flat maintenance request will be carried out prior to sale;
  (b) The HA provides a 7-year Structural Safety Guarantee;
  (c) The HA contributes a Maintenance Fund towards each TPS estate.
3. Property Management
  (a) Owners can manage their estates through the formation of Owners' Corporation pursuant to the Deed of Mutual Covenant and the Building Management Ordinance;
  (b) By forming Owners' Corporation, owners can decide on estate management issues and monitor the use of management fees and the use of the Maintenance Fund.
4. Safety Net
  A safety net is provided to TPS flat owners. Subject to the recommendation by the Director of Social Welfare as well as the verification and the approval of the Director of Housing, a flat owner who faces sudden changes in his / her family circumstances within five years from the date of first assignment of the flat may apply for reverting to the tenant status upon sale of his / her flat back to the HA. After five years from the date of first assignment of the flat, the owner of the flat which will be / has been taken over by a mortgage bank on financial grounds can apply to the Social Welfare Department for compassionate rehousing. Upon recommendation by the Director of Social Welfare and verification and approval of the Director of Housing, the flat owner will obtain allocation of another public rental housing flat from Housing Department and resume the tenant status.
    Note:1. For a TPS flat, the date of first assignment of the flat refers to the date when the HA assigns the flat to a purchaser for the first time.
    2. Under the current policy, the HA will not accept the resale application of a flat after the expiry of the 5-year resale restriction period from the date of first assignment.

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