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Specification Library

The Specification Library (SL) contains the specification of materials and workmanship for incorporation in the new development contracts. The content of the Specification Library is updated from time to time, and a new edition will be released every few years.

The current edition of SL is the 2014 Edition (SL2014), the original version was promulgated in October 2014 for incorporation in the Housing Authority’s new development contracts tendered out from October 2014. The latest updated version was issued in June 2018.

The Specification Library is divided into ten libraries, namely:

  - Preliminaries Specification
  - Architectural Works Specification
  - Drainage and External Works Specification
  - Structural Engineering Works Specification
  - Demolition Works Specification
  - Foundation Works Specification
  - Soft Landscape Works Specification
  - Building Services Installation Specification 
      - Electrical Installation
      - Fire Services and Water Pump Installation
      - Lift and Escalator Installation
  - Civil Engineering Works Specification
  - Geotechnical Engineering Works Specification




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