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Reference List of Decoration Contractors

Reference List of Decoration Contractors

Decoration Contractor (DC) System aims at facilitating tenants of newly completed public rental housing (PRH) estates and owners of new subsidized sale flats (SSF) developments to access and engage decoration contractors for decoration works. However, DCs on the Reference List are not employees, agents or representatives of Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA) or Housing Department (HD). New PRH tenants and owners of SSF are free to engage any DCs on the Reference List, or to employ any other contractors in the open market, or to do the decoration works by themselves.


Reference List of Decoration Contractors



For COMIS System Support: 2129 3399

For Corporate Vetting: 2129 3555

For Technical Vetting: 2761 5852


Application for Admission onto the Reference List of Decoration Contractors

Open invitation for admission onto the Reference List of Decoration Contractors in the specified period will be publicized through HKHA website and the Government Gazette.  For eligibility criteria and supporting documents for admission onto the Reference List, please refer to the Guidelines for Reference List of Decoration Contractors.

Only user of Counterparty Management Information System (COMIS) can submit application for admission and related supporting documents through COMIS. Applicants can create an user account through the following link: https://comis.housingauthority.gov.hk


Application Closed


Important Points to Note:

  1. At least 5 working days is required for registration of user account;
  2. Application for admission must be submitted within the invitation period;
  3. All supporting documents must be submitted within one (1) calendar month from closing date of invitation period. Late application and/or late submission of supporting documents will not be accepted; and
  4. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Vetting Team of Housing Department shall be final and conclusive.