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Information Platform on Recyclable Non-inert Construction and Demolition Waste

We aim to minimise the construction and demolition (C&D) waste generated during public housing construction by increasing the recovery rate of such, thus lessening the burden on landfills and public filling facilities.

There are many active sites under construction all over the territory. To raise the recovery rate of C&D waste effectively, we have established an open and transparent “Information Platform on Recyclable Non-inert C&D Waste” to consolidate the comprehensive data of non-inert recyclables generated by the superstructure works of all our public housing construction sites in the coming month. This information platform which includes information such as site locations, contact details and forecast on types and quantities of non-inert recyclables will be updated monthly. It is hoped that through wider dissemination of information in the recycling industry, we can facilitate a larger scale of C&D waste recovery in Hong Kong.

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