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Estate Maintenance and Improvement

Estate Maintenance and Improvement
Estate Maintenance and Improvement

Timely maintenance and proper improvement works not only ensure a safe and pleasant living environment for the residents, but also sustain the lifespan and economic value of the Housing Authority's public housing stock. We have thus introduced various maintenance and rejuvenation programmes to tie in with the life cycle of our public rental housing estates.

Through these programmes, we are able to constantly upgrade our estate facilities to meet the residents' needs. This is in line with our principle of "preservation rather than demolition" and helps cherish the neighbourhood ties and sustain the communities in public housing estates.

Comprehensive Structural Investigation Programme
Ascertains the structural integrity and accommodation quality of public rental housing estates.

Estate Improvement Programme
Ensures older public rental housing estates continue to provide their residents with a decent living environment.

Total Maintenance Scheme
A rolling programme for inspection and repair of the rental flats in public housing estates.

Responsive In-flat Maintenance Services
Provide enhanced and responsive in-flat maintenance services for all public rental housing tenants.

Lift Modernisation
Aims to provide better, safer and more reliable lift services for our public rental housing tenants.

Digital Services
Enable our tenants to stay in tune in the digital era.