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Tender Notices and Awards
Photo: Tender Notices and Awards

The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) normally offers leases of commercial properties for a fixed term of three years. Interested parties may apply for lease through tenders.

Tender notices specifying the designated trades and reference rent are usually published on the HA/Housing Department website and local newspaper on Fridays. While the lease is generally granted to the highest bidder, other factors will also be considered, including but not limited to the number of tenders received, the reasonable rent level of the commercial premises, the tendered rent offered by tenderers, the tendered trade of a tenderer and the trade(s) that the tenderer is currently operating in HA's premises (if applicable), as well as the tenderer’s tenancy record (if any) in HA's premises.

Suggestions for the preferred trades to be operated in particular shop locations are welcome from people interested in leasing commercial premises in the HA’s estates/shopping centres. Please contact the Commercial Properties Management Unit (Tel: 2711 5138). A change of trade may be considered based on the feasibility of the proposals.

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Tender Forms and relevant documents may be obtained from:

Commercial Properties Management Unit at Wing A, Level 3, Hong Kong Housing Authority Customer Service Centre, 3 Wang Tau Hom South Road, Kowloon
Estate / Court / Shopping Centre offices concerned
Housing Authority / Housing Department Website (documents in PDF format)

Notes for Tenderers:

Completed Tender Forms must be placed in the Tender Box located at the Commercial Properties Management Unit before 10:00 am on the tender closing date. Late tenders will not be considered and the Housing Authority will not be responsible for any mislaid Tenders submitted by other tender methods. For details of the tendering arrangements, please refer to the relevant Conditions of Tender.

Other Ways of Letting:

Some commercial premises are also offered for lease by inviting clients included in the Client List of HA to tender. The sitting commercial tenants of the Housing Authority who are interested in expanding their business may contact the Management Offices of the relevant estate / court / shopping centre for enquiry.

Enquiry Hotline: 2711 5138
Tender Notification Hotline: 2607 8866

Miss Rosanna Law, Director of Housing