Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department

Factory Marking Scheme

Factory Marking Scheme

The Housing Authority (HA) has adopted more stringent and objective measures to deal with the irregularities commonly found in its factory estates under the Factory Marking Scheme.

The scheme targets at offences associated with abuse of the factory units and common areas, as well as misdeeds undermining building control or posing hazard to fire safety, environmental hygiene and public safety.

Penalty points will be allotted according to the degree of seriousness of the offences and will be held valid for two years.  For any objection to the points allotted, tenants may raise the appeal to the Housing Manager concerned through the appeal mechanism.  Tenants will be alerted once their accrued points have reached 10 or above, while the Housing Department (HD) will take action to terminate the tenancy when the marks accumulate to 16.

The offences and the points to be allotted are as below :

Offences Points
Obstruction or unauthorised occupation of corridors or common areas (Note 1) 5
Denying the landlord entry for inspection and repair (Note 2) 5
Putting up unauthorised installations and structures 7
Storing up excessive dangerous goods 7
Using the factory unit for food processing 7
Conversion of the factory unit for unauthorised uses (including domestic use) 7


1. Loading / unloading of goods and removal of the same within 48-hours allowed.

2. Verbal and written notice would be given to the tenant before allotting points under this offence.