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Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens
Photo: Senior Citizens

To cater for the housing needs of the elderly, we have several housing schemes that grant priority to elderly Public Rental Housing (PRH) applicants. Single elderly people can apply for the Single Elderly Persons Priority Scheme while the Elderly Persons Priority Scheme is catered for two or more elderly persons applying together. Elderly persons opting to live with the adult family members in the same unit or opting to live in two nearby units with the adult family members can enjoy prioritised allocation under the Harmonious Families Priority Scheme. We also provide different types of housing in PRH estates especially designed to facilitate the everyday lives of the elderly.

Details of our services include:

Grant for Emergency Alarm System (EAS Grant)

Elderly persons living either alone or in household with all members aged 60 or above in public rental housing flats and interim housing units may apply to the Social Welfare Department for a special grant for the payment of EAS if they are Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients. For those who are not receiving CSSA, they may apply to the Housing Department for an EAS Grant if they satisfy the necessary requirements. Successful applicants will be given a one-off subsidy of not more than $2,500 for the installation cost / service charge on a reimbursement basis.

Rent Allowance for the Elderly

The Rent Allowance for Elderly Scheme (RAES) was launched as a pilot scheme in August 2001 to give elderly applicants an arrangement to draw cash rent allowances to lease private accommodation in lieu of public rental housing (PRH) allocation.

However, the Housing Authority's Subsidised Housing Committee agreed on 25 September 2003 to phase out the pilot RAES. We have ceased to accept new application.

Existing beneficiaries, upon expiry of the current private leases, can opt for PRH units or cash rent allowances provided that they still meet the prevailing eligibility criteria.