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Rent Assistance Scheme

Rent Assistance Scheme
Photo: Rent Assistance Scheme

The Rent Assistance Scheme (RAS) aims to provide relief in the form of rent (Note 1) reductions to public rental housing (PRH) tenants (Note 2) who are facing temporary financial hardship. Eligible applicants will be granted either 25% or 50% rent reduction. Starting from 1 September 2016, the year of rent reduction granted will be extended from 1 year to 2 years.

To be eligible for the RAS, one has to fulfil the following requirements:


Households living in newer block types such as the Harmony blocks and blocks completed in or after 1992 must have fulfilled the two-year residence requirement before applying for the RAS. However, this does not apply to tenants affected by redevelopment.

Non-elderly RAS beneficiaries living in newer block types in need of further assistance after receiving rent assistance for four consecutive years will be required to move to cheaper accommodation in the same district, if suitable flats (Note 3) are available.  Elderly RAS recipients and families with disabled member living in newer block types and RAS recipients living in older block types (except for under-occupation cases) are exempted from the requirement of moving to cheaper accommodation after receiving rent assistance for four consecutive years.

If you want to apply for the RAS, please obtain an application form from your estate office, complete and return it together with the stipulated documents.