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Property Management

Property Management
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A safe, healthy and pleasant living environment starts with good property management. With this in mind, we, the Housing Authority, have entrusted the overall management of our public rental housing (PRH) and ancillary facilities to our executive arm, the Housing Department (HD).

Given the magnitude of our PRH stock, we have to outsource the property management of some of our PRH estates to property services agents (PSAs) in a bid to enhance service quality and cost effectiveness. Currently the management of about 60% of our rental estates has been outsourced to PSAs, while the rest are directly managed by the HD.

The PSAs perform a full range of property management duties including cleaning, security, rent collection, minor maintenance and repairs, as well as improvement works. They have to set up property management offices at the outsourced estates to provide customer services to the tenants directly. They also provide preliminary frontline tenancy services such as explaining housing policies and application procedures, distributing standard forms and notification letters, assisting tenants in completing forms and applications, arranging direct contacts between tenants and HD staff, etc.

Keeping Our Estates Clean

We strive to provide a clean and healthy living environment for our tenants through a range of initiatives.

Implementing the Marking Scheme

We introduced in 2003 the Marking Scheme for Tenancy Enforcement in Public Housing Estates, which is applicable to both PRH tenants and Interim Housing (IH) licensees. To reflect its wider role in estate management, the scheme was renamed as Marking Scheme for Estate Management Enforcement in Public Housing Estates in 2006.

The scheme is an important management tool to ensure environmental hygiene and effective management of public housing estates. It currently covers 28 misdeeds, each carrying 3, 5, 7 or 15 penalty points according to the degree of seriousness involved. When a PRH / IH household has accrued 16 points within two years, its tenancy / licence is liable to termination.

In December 2023, written warnings were issued to 10 households under the scheme while penalty points were allotted to 224 households.

Please click the following link for more information on the scheme:
Marking Scheme for Estate Management Enforcement

Actions against Littering, Spitting and Fouling of street by dog faeces

The Fines and Fixed Penalties (Public Cleanliness and Obstruction) (Miscellaneous Amendments) Ordinance 2023 came into effect on 22.10.2023, raising the level of the fixed penalty for the offences which involve the conduct of individual members of the public including disposal of waste and spitting in public places from $1,500 to $3,000.  Besides, the amount of fixed penalty for offenses of shop obstruction and illegal dumping of building waste or large quantities of other waste raised to $6,000.  We have increased our inspection manpower to step up actions against littering, spitting, fouling of street by dog faeces, etc., in PRH estates.

In December 2023, a total of 12 fixed penalty notice were issued to 10 littering and 2 spitting offenders in PRH estates.

Water Testing Programme

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Water Testing Programme

Combating Illegal Cooked Food Hawking

We have been carrying out joint operations with the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department and the Police to combat illegal cooked food hawking in PRH estates. The number of illegal cooked food hawkers has dropped greatly.

In December 2023, 139 operations, including 4 joint operations with Food and Environmental Hygiene Department were carried out.