Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department

Procurement Policies and Principles

Procurement Policies and Principles
Procurement Policies

The Housing Authority (HA) is a statutory body established under the Housing Ordinance and is financially autonomous, with Housing Department as its executive arm.  HA has established its own operating procurement arrangements in accordance with her unique Housing Authority Stores Regulations (HASR) and Housing Authority Procurement and Supplies Instructions (HAPSI). The HASR are made by the Director of Housing and approved by HA under Sections 4 and 10 of the Housing Ordinance. Although HA is not required to follow the requirements of Stores and Procurement Regulations of the Hong Kong Government (SPR), HA will make reference to and generally follow the broad procurement principles and practices of the SPR, where applicable.

Procurement Principles

Procurement Objective and Services Goals

We believe that partnering enables us to work together with our contractors to achieve common objectives and provide affordable quality housing, management, maintenance and other housing related services to meet the needs of our customers. It allows a 'win-win' situation for all parties.

Embracing the partnering spirit, we are committed to securing competent, reliable and long-term partners through equitable procurement operations all in accordance with our corporate vision and mission. We will work closely with them to deliver our business with a view to achieving the greatest value for money and highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. In managing the relationships with our contractors, we adopt the following principles:

  • Safeguard the open and fair competition in the market place;
  • Partner in a fair, reasonable and ethical manner;
  • Provide effective administration which is accountable and transparent;
  • Obtain value for money;
  • Incorporate risk management on a holistic basis;
  • Maintain continuous improvement.
Ancillary Principles

Environmentally Responsible Procurement
We are committed to joining hands with our contractors in minimising the use of resources and achieving operational cost-effectiveness. Environmental consideration forms an integral part of the specification, tender, management, review and feedback in the procurement cycle of our business package.

Safety and Health
We care for the safety and health of all those involved in our procurement process. We uphold a set of safety and health performance goals throughout our procurement process by laying down contract requirements, introducing incentive schemes and imposing sanctions whenever necessary. We also work closely with the industry to provide safety training and facilitate related activities in research, promotion and publicity.
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Ethical Integrity
We are committed to professionalism and will uphold and promote the highest standard of ethical integrity. We will discharge our responsibilities objectively, impartially, and with honesty and fairness. We also uphold the same principles in our relationships with the contractors with whom we do business.

Corporate Social Responsibility
We recognize corporate social responsibility as an integral part of our long established caring value of which we require our contractors to be fully aware of.  We will continue upholding and promoting an attitude of encompassing corporate social responsibility in our approaches and practices when delivering our services.  We affirm our commitment in adopting and practicing the principles of corporate social responsibility to nurture a caring culture.