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Tenants Affected by Estate Clearance

In line with the Long Term Housing Strategy (LTHS) announced by the government in 1987, we launched the Comprehensive Redevelopment Programme (CRP) to demolish and redevelop the older stock of Mark III to Mark VI Blocks and the former Government Low Cost Housing Estates. The CRP was completed upon the clearance of Lower Ngau Tau Kok (2) Estate in January 2010.

On the other hand, we started to implement Estate Clearance according to the LTHS announced in 1998. Old PRH estates not included in the CRP are assessed individually to determine if they should be demolished. The scheme aims to provide better living environment to PRH tenants living in old estates, to improve the surrounding community and to enhance utilisation of land. North Point Estate, cleared in 2002, was the first Estate Clearance project.

Rehousing of households affected by Estate Clearance will start 30 months before the evacuation date so that ample time is allowed for removal arrangements. Individual households will be informed in writing about the arrangements and invited for rehousing registration. The registration is simple and free of charge. All they need to do is to provide the necessary household information on the Estate Clearance Rehousing Application Form.

Domestic households affected by Estate Clearance please click the following links for details:

Commercial tenants affected by Estate Clearance please click the following link for details:

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