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Buying a Flat (Green Form Status)

Eligibility for Purchasing a Flat in the HOS Secondary Market (Green Form Status)

  • The following five categories of persons may apply to purchase a flat in the HOS Secondary Market:

    1. Tenants of domestic flats in housing estates under the HA or the Housing Society (HS) (except tenants under a Conditional Tenancy);

    2. Authorised residents of Interim Housing under the HA;

    3. Holders of Green Form Certificate issued by the Housing Department (HD);

    4. Recipients of Rent Allowance for Elderly Scheme (RAES);

    5. Estate Assistant grade staff who are holders of the Letter of Assurance issued by the HD.
  • Both single persons and families can apply;
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age;
  • Families consisting of two or more members must comprise at least two members who are related;
  • The applicant and all family members, if married, must apply together with their spouse(s) (except those spouse(s) who have no right of abode in Hong Kong).

The applicant or one of his / her family members must have lived in Hong Kong for at least seven years with unconditional stay (except for conditions on the limit of stay). However, domestic tenants of HA / HS estates, authorised occupants of the HA's IH, beneficiaries of the RAES, "Green Form Certificate" holders with rental eligibility and Estate Assistants in possession of a "Letter of Assurance" are not subject to the restriction on length of residence in Hong Kong.

HS tenants wishing to enquire about their eligibility for application may contact their respective Estate Offices.

Families who have received the following housing subsidies may not apply:

  1.  Those who have purchased a flat under the HOS / PSPS, the Middle Income Housing Project at Melody Garden, the HOSSMS, the Mortgage Subsidy Scheme, the TPS, the Buy or Rent Option, any subsidized housing schemes administered by the URA or any subsidized housing scheme administered by the HS or have obtained a loan or subsidies under the Home Purchase Loan Scheme (HPLS) / Home Assistance Loan Scheme (HALS) and their spouse may not apply again. However, other family members whose application for deletion from the household register concerned has been approved may apply separately, provided that they meet all the eligibility criteria;

  2.  Those who have purchased and subsequently sold a flat mentioned in the housing schemes mentioned above or have obtained a loan or subsidies granted under the HPLS / HALS and subsequently repaid the loan and their spouse may not apply again;

  3.  Kowloon Walled City clearees who had received government compensation calculated with reference to HOS flat price and chosen to arrange for accommodation by themselves and their spouse may not apply.

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