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Buying a Flat (Green Form Status)

Buying a Flat (Green Form Status)

Eligibility for Purchasing a Flat in the HOS Secondary Market (Green Form Status)


Under the revised Green Form applicants for Subsidised Sale Flats (SSF) eligibility criteria with effect from 31 July 2023, households of PRH and authorised residents of IH managed by the HA and households of Rental Estate of the HKHS who apply to purchase SSF as Green Form applicants should not have owned domestic property in Hong Kong from 24 months preceding the date of the application form for “Certificate of Eligibility to Purchase” up to the date of signing the Provisional Agreement for Sale and Purchase for the purchase of a SSF.  In addition, Fixed-Term licencees of the HA will no longer be eligible for purchasing SSF as Green Form applicants.  If the relevant Fixed-Term licencees fulfil the relevant eligibility, they can apply to purchase SSFs as White Form applicants.

Rental estates households of the HKHS may approach their respective estate offices for details on their eligibility for application.

Applicant and families who are not eligible to apply: