Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department

Buying a Flat (Green Form Status)

Buying a Flat (Green Form Status)

Eligibility for Purchasing a Flat in the HOS Secondary Market (Green Form Status)

The applicant or one of his / her family members must have lived in Hong Kong for at least seven years with unconditional stay (except for conditions on the limit of stay). However, domestic tenants of HA / HS estates, authorised occupants of the HA's IH, beneficiaries of the RAES, "Green Form Certificate" holders with rental eligibility and Estate Assistants in possession of a "Letter of Assurance" are not subject to the restriction on length of residence in Hong Kong.

HS tenants wishing to enquire about their eligibility for application may contact their respective Estate Offices.

Families who have received the following housing subsidies may not apply: