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Persons with Disabilities

Persons with Disabilities
Persons with Disabilities

To cater for the needs of the disabled, we have made special arrangements in flat allocation and the provision of facilities.

Flat Allocation

In allocation of public rental housing flats, the Housing Department (HD) will provide appropriate assistance for persons with disabilities (PWDs) and chronic diseases by considering their needs. For the convenience of non-temporarily wheelchair-bound persons, the HD will offer them with flats on floors accessible by lifts. Prior to making a formal offer, we shall arrange the wheelchair-bound person and the occupational therapist/physiotherapist concerned to visit the targeted flat for pre-allocation inspection. If the occupational therapist/physiotherapist considers that the flat is suitable for allocation to the wheelchair-bound person and his/her recommended modification works is feasible, we shall proceed to arrange the formal flat allocation. If the flat is considered unsuitable for the wheelchair-bound person, the said arrangement will not be counted as a housing offer, and we will arrange another flat for inspection.

Adaptation Works

If a flat has to be converted to cater for the needs of individual PWDs, the HD will undertake the full cost incurred. Conversion works include widening of the doorway with provision of a ramp where practicable, conversion of the bath tub into a shower area, installation of grab rails in the bathroom, raising of the floor slab of the balcony to make it level with that of the living room, etc.

Flat Transfer

In cases where conversion of an existing flat is not feasible due to physical constraints, PWDs may apply for transfer to a flat in the same or another estate together with their family. The HD will consider such applications on individual merits and make appropriate arrangements.

50% Concessionary Discount on Monthly and Hourly Parking Fees

Private car or motorcycle drivers may enjoy a 50% concessionary discount on monthly parking fees of the carparks under the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) if they are living or working in the public housing estate where the carpark is located, and are holding an approval letter from the Commissioner for Transport or a valid Disabled Person’s Parking Permit (DPPP) issued by the Transport Department. In addition, private car or motorcycle drivers holding the approval letter or DPPP may enjoy a 50% concessionary discount on hourly parking fees of the HA’s carparks.

Flashing-light Doorbell and Visual Fire Alarm System

When necessary, hearing-impaired persons may apply to the HD for the free installation of a flashing-light doorbell for their ease of answering the door and free installation of visual fire alarm system for alerting them to escape in case of fire.

Service Dog

Keeping of dogs inside leased premises without the prior written consent of the HA is prohibited. In general, the HA will not approve applications for dog keeping; except under special situations (e.g. keeping guide dogs for tenants with visual and audio disabilities; or keeping companion dogs for tenants in need of being accompanied by a dog for mental support, with the provision of medical support from medical practitioners or psychologists), conditional approvals may be considered.

In-flat Repair Works

If it is necessary to carry out repairs to in-flat items that should be handled by tenants on their own, households having family members with disabilities may approach the HD for the arrangement of such repair works at their own cost.

Estate Improvement Works

Public housing estates are designed to provide, as far as possible, a barrier-free living environment to facilitate the mobility of PWDs and their access to the facilities in the estates. The HD will continue to carry out various improvement works to enhance the barrier-free access provisions in existing estates.

Assistance Provided in Case of Emergency

Households having family members with disabilities, such as hearing impairment, visual impairment, mobility handicap (wheelchair-bound), tetraplegia, or those who are required to undergo renal dialysis at home or having chronic diseases in need of special care, may opt for the special notification service provided by the HD. Tenants are required to provide their emergency telephone contacts and other relevant information to the staff of the estate offices and authorise them to notify the contact person(s) in case of suspension of fresh water, electricity supply or lift service, or in emergency (e.g. fire), and to transfer such information to other departments such as the Police, Fire Services Department, in case of emergency for contact purpose.


Households having family members with disabilities or chronic diseases requiring other support services such as home help, rehabilitation and counselling services may approach the Social Welfare Department direct or ask for referrals by the respective estate offices.