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Shopping Centres Under Construction

Shopping Centres Under Construction

Kai Chuen Shopping Centre

Kai Chuen Shopping Centre, located at the Diamond Hill Comprehensive Development Area in Wong Tai Sin District, is a commercial project under the development programme of Kai Chuen Court. The whole project of Kai Chuen Court comprises a public rental housing (PRH) project in Phase 1 and Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme (GSH) in Phase 2.  Phase 1, comprising two domestic blocks of about 1 000 PRH units, was completed in September 2021.  Phase 2, comprising three domestic blocks of about 2 100 GSH units, is scheduled for completion from late 2023 to early 2024. Upon final completion, the whole project is expected to accommodate a population of about 8 500.

Kai Chuen Shopping Centre is provided with numerous shops and a Single Operator Market (SOM), which are suitable for the operation of different trades such as Chinese restaurant, fast food shop, café, supermarket, convenience store, medical clinic and other retail trades. Kai Chuen Shopping Centre under Phase 1 provides 27 shops and a SOM with a total lettable area of about 4 200 square meters. It was completed and in operation by two stages from the second half of 2021 to mid-2022.  Phase 2 of Kai Chuen Shopping Centre will provide 47 shops of about 4 100 square meters and is scheduled for completion from late 2023 to early 2024. Besides, to align with the development of cultural and art activity in the Diamond Hill Comprehensive Development Area, several shops on the first floor of the shopping centre connected to the Landscaped Walk are proposed for cultural & related trades. In addition, some shops on the ground floor and first floor are proposed for the usage of culture and arts (office/gallery/exhibition venue and studio) etc., leasing to Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) through open rental tender. The whole development of Kai Chuen Shopping Centre will provide 74 shops and a SOM.

Brochure of Kai Chuen Shopping Centre (Phase 2)


Yan On Shopping Centre (Phase 2)

Yan On Shopping Centre (Phase 2) is at Yan On Estate facing Hang Chi Street and Hang Tai Road. The 5-storey building will provide Parking Spaces at G/F.  Total 22 shops at G/F, 1/F and 2/F with lettable area of about 2 900 square meters are expected to be opened by phases in 2023 and 2024 tentatively.  Besides, there will be Welfare and Community Facilities at 1/F to 5/F of the block.  A footbridge link to adjacent Kam Chun Court is provided at 2/F.


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