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New Arrivals

New Arrivals

People newly settled in Hong Kong can apply for public rental housing (PRH) flats if they meet the eligibility criteria. They can also live in private properties, but they must be careful that the flat rented or purchased is not an illegal structure such as rooftop, podium constructions, temporary partition units or squatters.

To Rent a PRH Flat

PRH flats are allocated to eligible applicants according to the sequence of their application number (the priority of Non-elderly One person applicants will be determined according to the points scored under Quota and Points System). People newly moved to Hong Kong can register an application for PRH if they are aged 18 or above and fulfilling other eligibility criteria. However, by the time a PRH flat is allocated, half of the household members in the application must have lived in Hong Kong for at least seven years and must still be living in Hong Kong.

For details, please see:

To Rent or Purchase a Private Property

People newly moved to Hong Kong can also rent or buy a private property, but they should be careful not to rent or purchase any illegal structures such as unauthorised rooftop, podium structures or temporary partition units.

For further enquires please call the Buildings Department Hotline 2626 1616.

It is important that people newly moved to Hong Kong SHOULD NOT buy any squatter structures. The Government has registered all squatter residents in 1984 / 85. Those not registered on the list are not eligible for PRH upon squatter clearance.