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Survey on Household Income

Survey on Household Income
Picture: Survey on Household Income of PRH Tenants

The Housing (Amendment) Ordinance 2007 introduced a new income-based rent adjustment mechanism. Under the mechanism, the Housing Authority (HA) is required to conduct a rent review for public rental housing (PRH) every two years and to make rent adjustment with reference to the change in the income index. To facilitate the rent review under the mechanism, we have to conduct an ongoing territory-wide sample survey on the household income of PRH tenants to collect data in this aspect.

Declaration of Household Income

We randomly select 2 000 PRH households each month for the survey. The selected households will receive a notification letter together with an income declaration form. The declarable income includes remuneration from employment and self-employment and other income (for example, income from investment). The information provided by tenants will be treated in strict confidence and used by the Census and Statistics Department for computing the income index. The Census and Statistics Department has adopted various quality control measures to ensure impartiality, objectivity and accuracy throughout the process of data collection and data input.

Timely and Honest Declaration

The income declaration forms are served under Section 25(1) of the Housing Ordinance (Cap 283) and declaration is mandatory. The selected households shall, in compliance with the relevant stipulations of the Ordinance, declare truthfully the requisite information and return by post the duly completed income declaration forms within one month to the Public Housing Resources Management Sub-section (PHRM) of the Housing Department (Address: 5/F, Lung Cheung Office Block, 138 Lung Cheung Road, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon).

After submission of the income declaration forms, the households may be asked to attend an interview with the staff of the PHRM, or provide documentary proof of income and other related information for verification of their declared income.

Households who knowingly make false statements in furnishing their particulars required in the declaration forms, or refuse or neglect to return the income declaration forms by the specified time shall be guilty of an offence and liable to prosecution.


Enquiries about the income survey should be addressed to the PHRM. Please call 3162 0688 during office hours for assistance or advice.