Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department

Housing Authority General Conditions of Contract for Capital Works

Housing Authority General Conditions of Contract for Capital Works
Objectives of the HAGCC
  1. upholding the principle of equitable risk-sharing
  2. providing a collaborative framework for all parties to work together and building consensus
  3. fostering mutual trust and engaging in problem-solving
  4. encouraging team building, knowledge sharing, innovation and continuous improvement
  5. encouraging all parties to proactively manage project risks and to achieve the common goals of project execution.
Salient features of the HAGCC
  1. engagement of Dispute Avoidance and Resolution Advisor to facilitate dispute avoidance and multi-tiered dispute resolution processes
  2. enhanced procedures for processing and settlement of extension of time claims and cost claims
  3. provisions for compensation arising from Change in Law
  4. provisions for Requested Variations to tap contractors’ innovative ideas for better design and construction method
  5. updated provisions for design responsibility and intellectual property rights
  6. provisions for Enhancement Works to facilitate ordering and execution of minor improvement works after certified completion.