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Available TPS Estates on 11 June 2018

New Territories and Islands - Islands

This table is for reference only.

Note 1:
The discount rates of individual estates are the approximate range of discount at the first year of sale (not applicable to resale flats) and are for reference only. The discount rates may vary for different flats. There may be a significant difference in the discount rates between resale flats and the flats sold at the main sale phase in the same block or same estate. The discount rate is calculated with reference to the Initial Market Value and Listed Price stated on the Deed of First Assignment / Deed of Last Assignment (applicable to resale flats only) and according to the following formula:
Discount Rate: [(Initial Market Value - Listed Price) / Initial Market Value] * 100%
The date for expiry of the resale restriction period may be different for individual flats in the same estate. It should be calculated from the date of the first assignment which refers to the date of the first assignment of a particular flat from the HA to a purchaser.