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For general enquiries, you can contact us by the following means:

Housing Authority Hotline: 2712 2712Faxline: 2624 5685

Text Messages: 6163 1823Mobile App: Tell me@1823

Housing Authority Hotline:
2712 2712
2624 5685
Text Messages:
6163 1823
Mobile App:
Tell me@1823

Contacts of the main offices of the Housing Authority / Housing Department

For enquiries on public rental housing application and Express Flat Allocation Scheme

For enquiries on “Well-off Tenants Policies”

For enquiries on HOS Secondary Market, sale of surplus HOS flats and Tenants Purchase Scheme

For enquiries on leasing shops, stalls, promotion venues and contacts of shopping centres

For enquiries on our counterparty registration, performance assessment scoring system, specification library and admission to the Housing Authority’s list of banks for deposits