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Property Management
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The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) provides a Structural Safety Guarantee to owners of domestic flats sold under the Home Ownership Scheme (HOS), Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS) and Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Pilot Scheme (GSH). A ten-year Structural Safety Guarantee (or twenty-year Structural Safety Guarantee for developments in Tin Shui Wai Area) is provided.

For Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) estates, HA provides a seven-year Structural Safety Guarantee after sale.

Since HOS / PSPS / GSH Courts / TPS estates are private properties, owners should take up the responsibility of managing their own properties. Good property management not only ensures a better living environment, but also helps enhance the value of the properties.

Owners' Corporation (OC)

HA encourages the owners to form OC pursuant to the Building Management Ordinance (BMO)(Cap.344) for taking over the management responsibilities of HOS / GSH courts.

Currently, all TPS estates have formed OCs and taken over the management of the estates.

BMO, enacted in 1993, provides a sound legal framework for building management.  An OC is an organization formed by owners under BMO to manage the common parts of the court / estate and make decisions on matters concerning its management on behalf of the owners. 

Government Assistance

Before forming an OC, owners can browse the homepage of the Home Affairs Department - Building Management that provides comprehensive information on building management, such as the Government policy, role of the Home Affairs Department and support to the owners and OC.  

Property Management

According to the Land Grant and the Deed of Mutual Covenant (DMC), HA will act as the DMC manager of the HOS / GSH courts.  Prior to the termination of the DMC Manager's appointment, HA will appoint a qualified Property Services Agent (PSA) to take care of the daily management matters of the court including maintenance of common areas and facilities and also assist owners in monitoring the performance of PSA.

Upon the taking over of the management responsibilities from HA by owners of HOS / GSH courts, appointment of the management agent for the delivery of management and maintenance services to the court has to be arranged by owners themselves. 

The Lands Tribunal provides an efficient and less costly channel through which residents can process and settle any proceedings or disputes regarding building management.

If you have any enquiries, please contact management office of the court / estate concerned.

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