Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department

Structural Safety Guarantee (TPS)

Structural Safety Guarantee (TPS)
The flats sold under the Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) of the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) have all undergone maintenance inspections and their structures were found to meet the safety standards. To give confidence to tenants in buying and living in TPS flats, HA provides a 7-year Structural Safety Guarantee (SSG) to owners under TPS.

Guarantee Period

The 7-year SSG provided by HA is clearly specified in the sale documents of each phase of flat sale.

Scope of Guarantee

HA provides guarantee on the overall structural stability and integrity of the building, and is responsible for all structural repairs (including repairs of concrete spalling and cracks) of any or all of its structural components (including all columns, beams, walls and floor slabs), so as to maintain the structural stability and integrity of the building within the 7-year SSG period.

Liability of Flat Owners

To ensure that HA can fulfill its obligation in providing SSG, the owners concerned must allow the staff of HA or any of its authorised personnel to enter the building or any structures therein at reasonable times on production of the authorisation proof to carry out inspections or repair works.

Repair Works of Defects not Covered by SSG

Submission of Application

Within the guarantee period, owners can obtain a copy of the Structural Safety Guarantee Repair Application Form from the estate management office of their TPS estate.  They should return the completed form together with the proof of ownership (such as Demand for Rates), photos and description of defects to the estate management office for further processing.

Application Processing Workflow

The Housing Department (HD) will process owners' applications as soon as possible.  Our works staff will conduct site investigations and record the findings, which will be vetted by the structural engineers, who will inform the owners or the estate management office in writing about whether the repair applications are within the scope of SSG.  For those covered by SSG, HD will arrange for the carrying out of the repair works as soon as possible.

Standard of Reinstatement

While carrying out the repair works, we will do our best not to alter the original decoration of, and furniture and fittings in the owner’s flat.  The affected parts of the flat will be restored to the original standard at the time when the building was completed.

Expiry Dates of SSG

The 7-year SSG provided for all TPS estates have expired.