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Structural Safety Guarantee (HOS)
The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) endorsed in 2000 to provide Structural Safety Guarantee (SSG) to the owners (Note 1) of newly constructed flats and the flats completed then under the Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) and the Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS).

The HA guarantees the structural stability and integrity of the building as a whole and undertakes all structural repairs (Note 2), including repair to concrete spalling and cracking, to any or all of the structural components (Note 3) deemed necessary to uphold the overall structural stability and integrity (Note 4) of the building (Note 5) within the 10-year SSG period (a 20-year SSG period for HOS courts in Tin Shui Wai Area).

Works of repairs not falling within the above-defined scope shall not be covered by this SSG, for example, repairs to:

  (1) water seepage through ceilings, windows or walls, cracks in plaster and rendering, defects in wall and floor tiling and any other defects not related to the structural stability and integrity of the building;  
  (2) defects arising from structural alterations or additions or changes within flats or improper usage of the building; and  
  (3) defects arising from the following special risks, including:  
  • explosions caused by inflammable gas;
  • an outbreak of war, fire, earthquake or landslide;
  • acts or omission of a person for whom the HA is not responsible.

Submission of Application

Structural Safety Guarantee Repair Application Form, obtainable from the property management office, should be duly completed and returned, together with proof of ownership (such as Demand Note for Rates) and photographs illustrating the defects, to the property management office for follow-up within the guarantee period.

Workflow of Application Processing

The Housing Department (HD) will process all applications promptly. We will conduct site investigations and record the findings. Having scrutinised the findings, we will inform the owners or the property management office in writing of whether the repairs fall within the scope of SSG. Should the repairs be covered by SSG, we will arrange repair works as soon as possible.

Standard of Reinstatement

Structural repair works will be carried out to reinstate the affected parts in the flat to their original standards at the time of building completion, with minimal alterations to the owner’s original decoration, furniture and fittings in the flat.

Owners’ Responsibility

To ensure that the HA can implement and perform its obligations under the SSG, owners shall allow the HA or its authorised personnel, upon production of their authorisation proof, to enter the premises concerned or any part thereof at reasonable times for inspection or carrying out related inspection and repair works.

Within the guarantee period, if the owners note that it is necessary for the HA to carry out structural repairs under the SSG, they must inform the HA in the first instance. Otherwise, the HA may not be able to fulfill its obligations under the SSG.

For enquiries, please contact the staff at the property management office.


HOS / PSPS Courts Sold Before 2007

For the HOS/PSPS courts sold before 2007, HA offers a 10-year SSG for each of these HOS/PSPS buildings (HOS / PSPS courts in Tin Shui Wai Area have a 20-year SSG). The guarantee period is counted from the date of building completion (Note 6). For HOS courts in Tin Shui Wai Area, their respective expiry dates of the 20-year SSG are as follows:

Court Expiry Date of the 20-year SSG
Tin Chung Court (Note 7) 15 December 2019 to 22 April 2021
Tin Shing Court 27 December 2019 to 23 February 2020
Tin Fu Court (Note 8) 28 December 2020 to 25 June 2021

HOS / PSPS Courts Sold from 2007 and before 2014

HA ceased the sale of HOS/PSPS flats in 2003. However, from 2007 onwards, it launched again the sale of surplus unsold HOS / PSPS flats, among which were 28 brand new HOS/PSPS blocks. HA offers a 10-year SSG for each of these HOS / PSPS buildings (HOS courts in Tin Shui Wai Area have a 20-year SSG). Their respective guarantee period is counted from the commencement date of ‘Flat Selection Period’ of the first sale phase of each block which are listed in chronological order as follows:

Court Block Commencement Date of Flat Selection Expiry Date of the SSG
Tin Fu Court J 19 March 2007 18 March 2027
Kam Fung Court D 8 April 2008 7 April 2018
Lei On Court D, E, F 8 April 2008 7 April 2018
Tung Tao Court B, C 8 April 2008 7 April 2018
Tung Tao Court A, D 30 October 2008 29 October 2018
King Hin Court 30 October 2008 29 October 2018
Kam Fung Court H, J 30 October 2008 29 October 2018
Yau Chui Court E 10 December 2009 9 December 2019
Yau Chui Court B, C, D 17 August 2010 16 August 2020
Tin Chung Court K, L 24 July 2013 23 July 2033

HOS/GSH Courts Sold in 2014 and Afterwards

The Government announced the resumption of HOS in 2011. To address the public aspiration, HA launched sale exercises in 2014 for Tin Lee Court and five new HOS courts viz. Wang Fu Court, Mei Pak Court, Mei Ying Court, Ching Chun Court and Sheung Chui Court as well as in 2016 for King Tai Court under the Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Pilot Scheme (GSH).  For Tin Lee Court, HA provides a 10-year SSG from the commencement date of the ‘Flat Selection Period’ and for the remaining new HOS/GSH courts, a 10-year SSG from the date of the building completion (Note 9) as follows:

Court Block Commencement Date of Flat Selection Expiry Date of the SSG
Tin Lee Court - 27 August 2014 26 August 2024


Court Block Date of Building Completion Note 9 Expiry Date of the SSG
Wang Fu Court - 16 March 2017 15 March 2027
Mei Pak Court - 19 April 2017 18 April 2027
Mei Ying Court - 19 April 2017 18 April 2027
Ching Chun Court A, B 15 May 2017 14 May 2027
Sheung Chui Court A, B, C 22 May 2017 21 May 2027
King Tai Court - 2 June 2017 1 June 2027

Note 1 "Owners" refer to the legitimate owners of the domestic flats protected by this SSG.
Note 2 While carrying out the repair works, the HA is only responsible for reinstating the affected parts of the flats to the original standard at the time of building completion.
Note 3 "Structural components" refer to the components (for example, columns, beams, load bearing walls and floor slabs) as specified clearly on the building structural plan. Concrete racks or walls not specified (for example, air-conditioning platforms, some external walls and internal partition walls, etc.) are not covered by this SSG.
Note 4 "Structural stability and integrity" refers to the load bearing capacity of the building's foundation and structure as required by the design.
Note 5 "Building" excludes exterior works and subterranean water pipes, sewers, roads, ground surfaces and all other facilities in the external area.
Note 6 For HOS flats completed before 2014, the date of building completion for the purpose of the SSG refers to the date of completion certificate issued by the HD's Chief Architect for HOS flats.
Note 7 Excluding Block K and Block L of Tin Chung Court.
Note 8              Excluding Block J of Tin Fu Court.
Note 9 For HOS/GSH flats completed in 2014 and onwards, the date of building completion for the purpose of the SSG refers to the date of the Occupation Permit issued by the Independent Checking Unit of the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Transport and Housing (Housing) in respect of the buildings concerned.

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