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Counterparty Registration

Counterparty Registration
Counterparty Registration
Partnering with our contractors, service providers and suppliers, we strive to provide quality housing and better services to our customers.

We welcome companies to apply for admission to our lists to become our business partners. Registration procedures and requirements are published at COMIS Web Site.
Counterparty Lists
  • Works Contractors
  • Property Management Service Providers
  • HA's Reference Lists for General Goods and Support Services
  • Other Service Providers

Click on the following to know more about our registration procedures and requirements:
COMIS (Counterparty Management Information System)

Other Lists

If you encounter any difficulties in matching your business nature with the above headings, please call us at 2129 3399 or send an e-mail to comis.enquiry@housingauthority.gov.hk for information and assistance.