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Rent Payment Methods
We offer a number of convenient rent (Note 1) payment channels for our tenants (Note 2).
Rent Collection Service at Convenience Stores and Supermarkets

Photo: Rent Payment Methods

Tenants using the Housing Department (HD) e-Payment Card or a Quick Response (QR) Code provided by the "iHousing" mobile application can pay rent at

  • over 900 7-Eleven Convenience Stores over the territory
  • over 300 Circle K Convenience Stores
  • over 50 China Resources Vanguard Supermarkets and VanGO Convenience Stores

Only cash payment will be accepted at these collection points. To ensure that the rent is fully settled within the month, tenants should complete the transaction at least three working days before the end of each calendar month.

Tenants are advised to check carefully and ensure the details printed on the receipt, such as the Electronic Payment Tenant Code, payment date and time, as well as the amount paid are correct. They should keep the receipt and, if necessary, make photocopy for record purpose.

The following are the enquiry hotlines of our rent collection channels:

  • 7-Eleven: 2299 1110
  • Circle K: 2991 6337
  • Vanguard: 2586 3640
  • VanGO: 2586 3567


Tenants who pay rent through autopay do not have to worry about forgetting to make the monthly rent payment any more.

Tenants who choose to pay their rent by means of autopay may obtain an Autopay - Direct Debit Authorisation Form from the estate office. Simply bring along with you the bank passbook or statement relevant to your application to your respective estate office.

The autopay account holder can be the tenant himself / herself or his / her family member / relative.

Direct Rent Payment for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Households

Starting from 1 June 2007, the rent allowance granted to CSSA households is directly transferred to the Housing Authority (HA) by the Social Welfare Department (SWD).

CSSA households receiving rent allowance covering full monthly rent, do not have to pay rent at the estate office. For CSSA households whose rent allowance only covers their monthly rent partially, or those whose rent allowance is less than the monthly rent, they are still required to settle the remaining balance at the estate office or other rent paying channels.

If CSSA households maintain rent payment by means of autopay, the HA will either suspend or adjust the amount to be debited from their designated bank accounts according to the SWD's information. Should any rent be subsequently found unsettled, the households concerned are required to make separate payments to the HA.

If the SWD has the need to recover or reduce the amount of rent allowance already paid to the HA, the households concerned should be responsible for repaying the overpaid amount to the SWD.

For enquiries regarding the arrangements on direct payment of CSSA rent allowance, please contact your respective case worker of the SWD.

For other enquiries, please call the HA Hotline at 2712 2712 or contact your respective estate office.


To gain access to the 24-hour PPS service, tenants are required to register for a PPS account. You can bring along your Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) card or credit card with ATM function to any merchant outlets installed with a PPS registration terminal.  For bill registration, you have to dial 18011 and enter the Electronic Payment Tenant Code printed on the HD e-Payment Card issued by the estate office. The PPS Merchant Code for the HA is 62.

You can  use a tone phone to dial 18031 or login to www.ppshk.com  to pay rent any time.

With a PPS account, you can also pay rent through the PPS by Internet. After logging in www.ppshk.com, simply follow the instructions to pay your rent. When paying rent through PPS by Internet for the first time, you have to add "Hong Kong Housing Authority" to your payee list first.

It takes three working days to process rent payments made through PPS. To ensure that the rent is fully settled within the month, you should complete the transaction at least three working days before the end of the calendar month.

For details, please call the PPS Hotline 2311 9876 or contact your respective estate office.

Internet / Phone Banking

Internet Banking or Phone Banking account holders can pay rent through the internet and any tone phone. Please follow the instruction of the respective systems. Remember to choose "Hong Kong Housing Authority" as the merchant, and enter your Electronic Payment Tenant Code which is printed on your HD e-Payment Card to effect payment. You are advised to keep the transaction reference code for record.

For payments through Internet Banking or Phone Banking, please enquire relevant banks about the days required for checking of payment record.

For enquiries, please contact the service hotline of your bank.

Please refer to the link below to view the list of banks with internet banking / phone banking and accept payment to "Hong Kong Housing Authority":

List of Banks with Internet Banking Service / Phone Banking Service and Accept Payment to "Hong Kong Housing Authority" (PDF format)

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM)

Tenants can make use of their ATM cards or credit cards with the ATM function issued by the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) / Hang Seng Bank Limited (HSB) to pay rents. Insert your card to any HSBC / HSB ATM with bill payment service, follow the instructions and enter your Electronic Payment Tenant Code as shown on your HD e-Payment Card.

It takes three working days to process rent payments made at ATMs. To ensure that the rent is fully settled within the month, please complete the transaction at least three working days before the end of the calendar month.

Estate Shroff Offices

Tenants may pay rents either by cash or cheque at any estate shroff offices during the rent collection service hours.

Please click on the following link for details of our estate shroff offices:

List of Estate Shroff Offices (PDF format)

Payment either by cash or cheque should be made in exact amount. Cheques must be crossed and made payable to the "Hong Kong Housing Authority".

Remember to bring along your HD e-Payment Card when making rent payments at shroff offices.

Check out what is the HD e-Payment Card by clicking the following link:

e-Payment Card (PDF format)

Note 1: Refers to both the rent of public rental housing (PRH) and the licence fee of interim housing (IH).
Note 2: Refers to both tenants of PRH and licencees of IH.

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