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Repayment Methods

There are two types of subsidy under the HALS: (i) a one-off interest-free loan and (ii) monthly mortgage subsidy (Successful applicants can only receive one type of subsidy).

  Families with two or more members Single persons Form of subsidy / repayment
Interest-free Loan(HK$)    $530,000 $265,000 Repayable over 13 years by equal instalments.
$390,000 $195,000 Repayable over 20 years by equal instalments.
Monthly Mortgage Subsidy (HK$)   $3,800 per month   $1,900 per month   Receivable for 48 months. No repayment is required.
  • The loan / monthly subsidy granted under the HALS is intended to assist approved purchasers to purchase ONE local domestic property, and is not transferable to mortgage or subsidize other properties;
  • The monthly subsidy granted to the approved purchasers will cease if any of the following circumstances occurs:


    1. The property is sold during the subsidy payment period;
    2. The monthly repayment amount under the mortgage falls below $3,800 (families with two or more persons) or $1,900 (single persons).
    3. Mortgage arrangement / ownership is changed without Housing Authority's prior consent during the subsidy payment period.

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