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Policies on Public Housing
General Housing Policies

This Information Booklet on General Housing Policies is for general reference purpose only. Various policies outlined herein are subject to revision from time to time. Revised policies will be uploaded to this website as soon as possible. If required, tenants or members of the public may make their enquiries through the telephone numbers published in Chapter 3, Section C of this booklet.
Section A: Application for Public Housing, Transfer and Subsidised Home Ownership Schemes
Chapter 1: Application for Public Rental Housing (PDF format)
Chapter 2: Rehousing of Occupants upon Clearance (PDF format)
Chapter 3: Rent Allowance for Elderly Scheme (PDF format)
Chapter 4: Compassionate Rehousing (PDF format)
Chapter 5: Transfer (PDF format)
Chapter 6: Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) (PDF format)
Chapter 7: Green Form Subsidised Home Ownership Scheme (GSH) (PDF format)
Chapter 8: Extension of Green Form Status to Public Rental Housing Applicants (PDF format)
Chapter 9: Sale of Flats in the Secondary Market (PDF format)
Chapter 10: Home Assistance Loan Scheme (PDF format)
Chapter 11: Tenants Purchase Scheme (PDF format)
Chapter 12: Housing Information Centre (PDF format)
Section B: Estate Management and Rent Policy
Chapter 1: Domestic Rent Policy (PDF format)
Chapter 2: Rent Assistance Scheme (PDF format)
Chapter 3: A Rent-free Period of 14 Days (PDF format)
Chapter 4: Housing Subsidy Policy and Policy on Safeguarding Rational Allocation of Public Housing Resources (PDF format)
Chapter 5: Biennial Inspection and Biennial Declaration of Family Particulars (PDF format)
Chapter 6: Deletion / Addition / Conditional Temporary Stay of Family Members (PDF format)
Chapter 7: Policy on Grant of New Tenancy (PDF format)
Chapter 8: Housing Arrangements for Divorced Couples in Public Rental Housing (PRH) Flats (PDF format)
Chapter 9: Policy on Household Splitting (PDF format)
Chapter 10: Surrender of Public Rental Housing Flats upon Acquisition of Other Forms of Subsidised Housing (PDF format)
Chapter 11: Appeal Procedures against Notice-to-quit Issued and Restrictions on Households in Tenancy Breach (PDF format)
Chapter 12: Decoration Contractor System (PDF format)
Chapter 13: Clothes-drying Facilities of Estates (PDF format)
Chapter 14: Security Service and Installations (PDF format)
Chapter 15: The Use of Roads and Parking Facilities of Public Housing Estates (PDF format)
Chapter 16: Emergency Alarm System (PDF format)
Chapter 17: Services for People with a Disability (PDF format)
Chapter 18: Housing Arrangements for Tenants Affected by Estate Clearance (PDF format)
Chapter 19: Estate Management Advisory Committee (PDF format)
Chapter 20: Marking Scheme for Estate Management Enforcement in Public Housing Estates (PDF format)
Chapter 21: Letting of Commercial Premises by Open Tender (PDF format)
Chapter 22: Letting of Commercial Premises by Restricted Tender (PDF format)
Chapter 23: Short Term Letting of Commercial Premises (by Commercial Properties Management Unit) (PDF format)
Chapter 24: The Enhanced Marking Scheme for Commercial Properties (the Scheme) (PDF format)
Chapter 25: The Factory Marking Scheme (PDF format)
Chapter 26: Exempting, Deferred Payment or Refund of Rental Deposit (PDF format)
Chapter 27: Arrangements on Display of Publicity Materials (PMs) (PDF format)
Chapter 28: Assurance of Future Accommodations for Certain Vacating Tenants (PDF format)


Section C: General Issues
Chapter 1: Rights and Responsibilities of Hong Kong Housing Authority(HA)'s Client Groups (PDF format)
Chapter 2: Performance Pledge (PDF format)
Chapter 3: Public Enquiry Service (PDF format)

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