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Community Engagement

Community Engagement
Community Engagement
Our effort to create safe, healthy and happy homes in Housing Authority (HA) estates must be complemented by that of the residents and local groups in order to succeed. We have thus engaged the public housing communities in a diverse range of initiatives to improve the living environments, to strengthen mutual care and support, and to foster a sense of identity and belonging.

We organise engagement activities from time to time to tap the community's views on our public housing development projects and on our estate management and maintenance. We have been involving the local communities in estate beautification, cleaning operations, safety campaigns and environmental protection initiatives. There are also ongoing activities to promote harmonious living and community care, as well as to invoke a sense of pride through recounting the history of Hong Kong's public housing development and the unique heritage in some of our older estates.

Picture : Public Housing Gallery

Public Housing Gallery

For information about the history of public housing development and the work of the Housing Authority, please browse our Public Housing Gallery on the HA/HD Website.


Picture : Public Art in Estates

Public Art in Estates

Public art blended into the daily life of our estates helps to beautify the living environment and strengthen residents' sense of community.


Picture : Caring Communities

Caring Communities

We organise various activities to create friendly neighbourhoods where residents have a sense of identity and feel at home in their surroundings.


Picture : Safe Living

Safe Living

Look at the information we provide to our tenants on safe living, including advice on fire safety, guidelines for safe use of lifts and escalators, and tips on electrical and mechanical safety.


Picture : Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Healthy living depends very much on a clean and hygienic living environment as well as good habits in personal hygiene. Learn what we have done in this regard.


Picture : Green Living

Green Living

We run a wide range of educational and promotional programmes to help our tenants live out green concepts in their daily life.